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Granite Is Still The King When It Comes To Kitchens


The king is dead, long live the king. At least when it comes to kitchens, the popular choice for decades has been granite, and while some of the magazines and television experts might steer you in a different direction there are reasons why granite has retained its popularity for so long. For those of you wavering or tempted to look elsewhere for your next kitchen remodel here are some things for you to ponder.

It Has Virtually Unlimited Variety And Choice

One of the great strengths of granite apart from the fact it is durable and easy to clean, is the variations in colors that it comes in. It is possible to get granite in virtually any color from light white, to dark black. For people that prefer the marble style, but are concerned over maintenance and upkeep, granite is the perfect option. There are so many kitchen countertop choices, it may take some patience and searching to find the exact piece you want, but provided you don’t rush and search in enough locations, you will find the perfect piece for you.

It In An Investment In Your Home

People desire a granite work surface, and if you ever watch real estate television programs the agent will always highlight the kitchen area, especially if it has a granite work top. So whether you are installing granite for your own pleasure, or are trying to renovate a property to make a profit, granite remains one of the best choices you can make for any kitchen.

It Is Scratch, Stain And Heat Resistant

Let’s face it, there will come a time when you forget that your saucepan is boiling hot and set it down on the work surface. When that happens you will instantly be thankful that you chose granite for your work surface. A cheaper material with a circular scorch or burn mark is a disaster for any kitchen, and not a cheap problem to rectify, prevention, as they say, is better than cure. BY investing in a granite work surface, you are removing any risk and worry of damage.


Granite is almost indestructible, and will easily last for 30 years in the kitchen. While it may be initially more expensive to buy, this will easily be recouped by not having to replace it inside 15 years. Choose god kitchen cabinets and you can always change the doors and appearance in fifteen years while keeping the work surface for many more years.

A Work Of Art

Because it is a natural product, each piece of granite is totally original and unique. You will come to love the various imperfections patterns and character that your work surface will have. You also have the option to choose the exact piece you want rather than have some boring man-made work surface that 25,000 other homes have across the world.

Granite has been the number one choice for many years, and that really doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. It might have a greater initial investment but in our opinion, it is certainly worth it. Here is a video comparing the granite and quartz.

Declutter Your House Before You List It On The Market

No matter where you live, clutter is a problem for most people. Things just tend to pile up, and if you are a classic pack rat personality (or have a spouse who is), you always think that you could be able to use that broken light bulb or that old stack of scratched records from the sixties. Sadly, most of us never do get around to using these things, so they just fill up closets, basements, and attics and threaten to take over the house in general.

You may like to live in a cluttered house but that doesn’t mean potential home buyers will appreciate the treasures you have been collecting. Before you even think about putting your home on the market you need to make sure it is clean and junk free.  If you know anything about Nellie Gail Ranch Real Estate then you know people expect the only the best.  These ranch homes may be more friendly to clutter and junk but potential homeowners are looking for premium living.  So, make sure you sweep through your entire property and remove any clutter or eye sores.

Junk Removal as a Means of Decluttering

remove-junk-from-your-homeOne of the biggest problems people face when trying to declutter their homes is not having anywhere to put the stuff they want to get rid of. Many organization books will suggest that you have various boxes, to give away, to sell, etc. This is a big problem, though, because once you’ve finished sorting all your stuff into these boxes. You haven’t gotten rid of a single thing.

The whole point of decluttering isn’t to organize the clutter you have, it is actual to get rid of it. Face it; most people just don’t have the time actually to set up a garage sale or sell stuff on Ebay, so it all sits in those neat little boxes, still taking up space in your basement. It looks neat and tidy, but you still have a space issue. And your home shouldn’t be for storing things you will never use again.

Rather than plan on something that you will never get around to doing, it can be quite cathartic to get rid of all that junk at once. A junk removal service can be very helpful in getting rid of it. You can put everything into boxes or bags, whatever you like, call the service and they will haul it all away for you. This eliminates the problem of piling, even more, stuff up so that you can store it until someday you do something with it.

The Benefits of Decluttering

There’s nothing like having a home that you are free to live in to make getting rid of all that junk totally worth your while. You’ll find that you have plenty of extra space once all those boxes are gone, too. Here are just a few of the benefits of tossing things you don’t use:

* You won’t be searching through piles of stuff for one important item.

* There will be plenty of space for things you do need to keep.

* No more feeling guilty that you don’t fit into your skinny jeans and haven’t for ten years.

* You’ll discover a lot of things that you may have thought were lost and gone forever.

* It’s an emotional lift to see everything cleared out.

* A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind so cleaner should mean more concentration.

* Everything you need will be easier to find.

* It will be simpler to keep your home clean with fewer things in it.

Decluttering can take a while, especially if you’ve been stockpiling for some time, but it’s something that will make you feel a lot better once it’s done. The best way to feel that weight lifted and to breathe a sigh of relief is to remove physically all that junk from your home and send it on its way with the junk removal service. Well worth the money, junk removal will whisk all your unwanted, unneeded and useless clutter away, leaving you with a neat and tidy home.

Top 3 Key Tips on How to Choose -The Best Hauling Services


If you’d like to learn how to choose hauling services then you came to the right place. The purpose of this article is to show you how to carefully pick the service that best fits your specific needs. There is a certain criteria you need to follow in order to make sure you pick the company that will do the best job possible at the most reasonable rates.

1. The first thing you need to look for when you’re reviewing various companies is whether they have the proper insurance coverage in case something wrong happens. If your specific hauling needs require a particular type of insurance, you better make sure the company you’re hiring is secured and has the means to overcome any problems that might occur along the way. You never know what could happen and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. What you should evaluate next is the history and performance of each individual company. A good hauling service should have well-trained employees that know how to load and unload your cargo correctly; – properly operate a vehicle with an overweight load.
Find out how long they have been in business and check out whether they have a rating history on Yelp or other similar sites online. Find out if their previous customers were satisfied with their services.

If the customer reviews are non-existent or overall negative, then it’s better not to take your chances with them. They could be just staring out and as a result don’t have much experience, or their services aren’t good enough according to their previous customer ratings.
If people were happy with their services, the company should have good reviews; the reviews will tell you which particular workers were the most competent at doing their job. Thus way you’ll be able to specifically require their best employees to work for you

3. The 3rd selection criteria should be the cost of these services. You don’t want to pick the service that has the cheapest rates but also you don’t want to go with the company that is the most expensive either. The cost rate is important but it should not undermine the previous two criteria.

One of the best ways to keep the prices low is to hire locally. Look for the companies that have personnel for hire in your area, and offers good rates. In conclusion, what you definitely want is a company that provides good services at reasonable prices.

Junk Removal Tips


Junk can accumulate in your home much faster than expected and turn out incredibly difficult to get rid of Should you be moving or renovating your house, you may also find yourself overwhelmed by the mountain of things you want to get rid of, with no idea how to do so. Certain items may be particularly tricky, as made up of materials that aren’t bio-degradable.

Doing It Yourself

While getting the job professionally done might strike you as a good idea, it can prove itself somewhat stressful, expensive and even invasive. A good alternative to employing strangers to get rid of your junk might be to clear out your home yourself. This rids you of the stress of monitoring outside persons’ movements about your house, or having to pay for a service you can gradually perform with your own hands.

Should you be particularly worried about the loss of valuables during the removal, this might be a better option for you

Junk Removal Made Easy

Though this job is relatively straightforward, following a few simple Junk Removal Tips will facilitate the deed and alleviate you of any possible stress regarding the scale of the task.

1. Take your time — You may feel inclined to get rid of as much as you can as fast as you can to get the job over and done with However, this is not a good approach as it can lead to breakage of other things, misorganising items and even losing motivation. Set clear, attainable targets by deviding rooms to clear into two to four sections depending on the amount of junk. Target a section per day.

2. Organise your junk — You will need to divide your stuff into 3 categories: things to throw, things to keep and things to donate. Try and make rational, clear-headed decisions based on your likelihood to re-use objects. Things to throw will then be handled by a hauling company you should book in advance.

3. Consolidate the items to be thrown — This might help you to save time and even money, as the hauling company is paid per hour. Put smaller boxes into the larger ones, and assemble them in stacks that make their transporting easier.

4. Do not be too sentimental! — Most struggle with clearing their junk because they allow sentimental attachments to objects, even those they know they will no longer use, to take over them. Your child’s first computer may be hard to let go of, but determination in starting again must win the battle. If you cannot recall having used the item in the past year, or it being broken, it needs to go.

Junk-removal can be an exhausting process. However, a systematic and organised approach will clear both your head and your house in no time, and at very low cost.